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Club Med II
Caribbean, Mediterranean and Norway

Cruise aboard the most graceful ship in the world: five towering masts, 
30000 square feet of billowing white sails, a vast deck of polished teak, railings of shining brass.  This sumptuous yacht is an invitation to a world of luxury; the perfect combination of the refinement of French maritime tradition and the comfort and sophistication of modern cruising.  

Winter in the Caribbean:   Virgin Gorda, St. Bart's, St. Thomas & more.
Transparent waters inundated with light, guarded by coral reefs; white sand, enormous palm-flanked beaches or intimate coves caressed by the Caribbean, the dream of paradise becomes reality, on earth and under the surface of the waves, where the flora and fauna offer divers an underwater Garden of Eden.
The Caribbean is marked by traces of a mixture of African and colonial influences - Spanish, Swedish, French, Dutch...
On Barbados, where cricket is played to a reggae beat, in Puerto Rico or on Martinique, Club Med invites you to immerse yourself in history...and duty-free shopping where bargains await.

Summer in the Mediterranean (Portofino, Calvi, Saint-Tropez and beyond)
From the beaches of Calvi to Cap Croisette, from the deep waters of Bonifacio to the small, lively port of Saint-Tropez, from Corsican villages perched atop steep cliffs to the multicolored houses of Portofino, Club Med 2 invites you to choose the cruise with the number of nights that best suits your wants, your needs or simply the time you have available.  Ideal for maximum decompression in the minimum length of time.
Among the charms of the Mediterranean, it's impossible to pick only one. That's why the best address is the one that changes every day.  One morning in Bonifacio, at the top of the Chalk Cliffs.  Another amid the pastel facades of Lipari, or in Palermo, and unforgettable blen of Byzantine and Arabic styles.  It's the most pleasant way possible to combine the joys of discovery with the pleasures of water sport and shopping.
and Norway - Land of Ice and Legends
Mysterious and wild, Norway is home to the fjord kingdom where the Vikings sagas were born.  The small port of Bergen, gateway to this land of legend, awaits you for a cruise along the coast where water and rock become indistinguishable.  Pass Bodo and the artic Circle to discover chains of islands inhabited only by birds and seals.  Here, Nature rules as queen by day and the Master of Trolls as king by night.

The cruise between two worlds
From the Sea of Straw, where the Tagus empties into the Atlantic, to the clear, crisp blues of the Norwegian coast, set out on a symphony of maritime colors.  After the rockbound capes of Galicia, you follow the Iberian coastline to La Coruña, whose glass-enclosed balconies on the houses lining the jetty have earned it the name "Crystal City."  The pastels of the coast of Bordeaux will be your companions as far as Belle-Île, before giving way to the wild contrasts of the granite rocks of Brittany and then to the tranquil green stretches of the Dutch polders, the last step before the fjords of Norway, surrounded by their eternal glaciers.
For those who love the sea, Club Med 2 revives with every equinox the tradition of long voyages between two continents separated by the immensity of an ocean.  Who has not dreamed of that epic crossing across the parallels and meridians from the shores of old Europe to the harbors of the New World?  Comfortably installed in your transatlantic liner, you embark on a privileged tête-à-tête with the sea, when time and space take on extraordinary dimensions.  Wherever you look, there is the immensity of the water and the sky which merge into one blue vastness.
The deck invites you to go for a leisurely stroll, looking out into these wide open spaces of infinite serenity.  Far away, a few banks of fog seem to be a portent of arrival in a new land.  Beneath your feet, the world's most beautiful sailing vessel cuts smoothly through the water - there is nothing here to upset the blend of luxury, serenity and delight that accompanies your cruise.  And for devotees of ballroom dancing, bridge and music, Club Med 2 invites you to participate in some exceptional events.

Sailing at night, Club Med 2 makes a new stop each morning to enable you to get the most out of the day.  A day on board the Club Med 2 is spent in the luxury cruise tradition, with all its highlights:  lunch on deck, tea-time, dinner with the Captain presiding, evening festivities... But in the intervals between these enjoyable moments, all the decisions are left up to you to spend your day of recreation, relaxation, discovery, cultural attractions or shopping - dressed for style or merely comfort.  By combining excursions, sports and relaxation, you make your cruise the unique combination you've dreamt of.

Dining - Rediscovering forgotten flavors.
It's not a perfect cruise without fine dining.  The Chef will offer you French-inspired cuisine with a large choice of appetizers, main courses, desserts and salads - at both lunch and dinner - so as to be sure of never failing to please.  But he will also take care to see that you discover some new flavors, or rediscover some long-forgotten ones.  Lobster has a different taste when you enjoy it on one of the beaches of Mayreau or Virgin Gorda.  And he'll also help you to rediscover the taste of freedom - freedom to select your lunch at the buffet or have it served at your table; freedom to dine at the table of your choice, at either of the two restaurants on board, Le Deauville and Le Grand Bleu, where you are encouraged to linger as long as you like.  On club Med 2 there is only one seating, so you will have no pressure to finish your dinner in order to make way for someone else.
Having it all!
On board Club Med 2, you are always close to the sea, and depending on the port of call, the water sports area is open for you to enjoy your favorite activities:  windsurfing, surfboarding, water skiing, kayaking, skin diving or scuba diving for certified divers.  All with first-class equipment, under the watchful eye of specially trained instructors who will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.  And take time to keep in shape in the fitness room or on deck.  The Club's instructors will lead you in aerobics, gymnastics and stretching exercises, or you may enjoy the array of equipment available for a customized workout of your own.

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