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The Club Med Vacations for Adults & Singles village information on this page is presented in a brief summary format.  For a detailed description of each village - including locations, climate, accommodations, activities, excursions, prices - please click on the village name.  If you require additional information call or email us any time, our international staff will answer questions and assist you with your travel arrangements.

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Cancun & Turks

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Club Med Vacations in the Americas & Caribbean

Club Med Vacations in Europe & Africa


Americas & Caribbean - 2 Villages
Adults Only -  Must be at least 18
Mexico - Turks & Caicos

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Yucatan Peninsula
Visit this paradise of water sports, beautiful beaches and excursions to the wonders of the ancient Mayan civilization of the Yucatan.  Water-skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, gym, excursions. Air-inclusive packages from over 250 U.S. cities.

Turks and Caicos
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Turks & Caicos
With windsurfing, sailing and scuba diving, Turkoise is a water sports paradise.  A whole array of land sports to keep you busy, including a circus school, tennis, volleyball. Lively nightlife. Air-inclusive packages from over 250 U.S. cities.


Europe & Africa - 5 Villages
Adults Only -  Must be at least 18
Seasonal Villages:  Italy  -  Spain  -  Tunisia 


Near Brindisi
This enchanting Italian village is situated on a small bay in the extreme southern tip of the heel of Italy where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet.  Water sports, golf, lively nightclub Charter flights from Paris or Land Only
Open May - Sep


Porto Petro
Island of Majorca
Attracts a young, fun-loving cosmopolitan crowd.  Set alongside two small beaches on the picturesque island of Majorca.  16 tennis courts, water sports.   Charter flights from Paris or Land Only
Open April - Sep


Djerba la Fidele
Island of Jerba

NEW - Individual Bungalows (former hut village).  Completely renovated!  Ideal for the young or young at heart.  Located on a fantastic beach, this village offers plenty of sports and lively nightlife. Windsurfing, beach volleyball, long beach walks.  Many exciting excursions. Charter flights from Paris or Land Only
Open May - Sep

Club Med Vacations - European Hut Villages
Greece  -  Italy

Straw Hut Villages:  

When Club Med first decided to create a holiday village, the site and setting were of the utmost importance.  Club Med has always made sure that the villages are located where the sea is an exquisite shade of blue, the sand is soft beneath your feet and the surroundings are of great natural beauty.  The priority was a natural village in a natural location and thus the idea of a Straw Hut village was born.

The Polynesian style Straw Huts have thatched roofs and walls made of bamboo; but don't let their romantic appeal cloud the reality as you will have to make your own bed and in some villages if you hear something go bump in  the night, it's probably because someone forgot to bring a flashlight!  However, the modest comfort is more than compensated by the beauty of the surroundings and the convivial ambience of the village.  Straw Huts are all over Europe and northern Africa, from Greece to Morocco, from Tunisia to Italy.

Sound interesting?  Take a look at the following hut villages.  


Corfou Ipsos
Island of Corfu
Ideal for the young, free-spirited and single - this village offers activities around the clock.  Water-skiing is the main activity of the village; also sailing, tennis, fitness classes. Charter flights from Paris or Land Only
Open May - Sep


Sicily, Italy
The small town of Cefalu is situated between Messina and Palermo on the island of Sicily.  This village is very popular with the young Italians.  Lots of water sports. Charter flights from Paris or Land Only
Open May - Sep

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